Category ········· Video
Completed ········· January 2021

'A Sense of Safety'

A conceptual proposal presentation for my final project on the theme of safety.

The visuals explore physical safety whilst alluding to the psychological effects safety measures can also have, presenting as both comforting and suffocatingly oppressive at times.

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Category ········· Video
Completed ········· June 2021

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

A short self-promotional video based on a university workshop conversation, art directed, filmed and edited by me, scripted and narrated by Jenny Li Voon. 

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Category ········· Animation
Completed ········· March 2021

Keeping Safe Online

A follow up to my interview publication detailing my parents attempt to keep me online.

With the pandemic leading to a rise in virtual learning, children have never been so likely to have such a broad access to the internet, and the home environment does not always provide the constant monitoring that a classroom would.

This animation aims to teach primary school age children how to keep safe online so that they can make safe decisions for themselves.

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