Kirsty MacLeod
Designer and Art Director
Conceptual Creative

Based near London, I am a concept and communication driven creative. My interests within graphic design are multi-disciplinary, however I have a keen focus on art direction, typography, illustration and branding.

I like my work to be both playful and provocative, and my ethos as a designer is to integrate meaning and communication within the visual styling of everything I do; to challenge the subject of my work and to spark curiosity, questioning or conversation amongst its audience. My approach is often experimental and ambitious, and I have endeavoured to use my design process as a means of learning and developing my skills as a designer throughout my time as a student. In graduating this year, I hope to continue to expand my creative repertoire and further develop my technical proficiencies as I enter the exciting and ever-expanding design sector.

I am a confident communicator, with experience in both public speaking and in professional interactions, able to comfortably and professionally engage in meetings, discussions and email communications.

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