Category ········· 3D, Photography
Completed ········· March 2021

Home is Where the Fire Risk Is

A hand-stitched cross-stitch piece, this piece is a playful take on the vintage style 'Home Sweet Home' cross-stitch art you might find in your grandparent's living room.

It speaks to the dangers that domestic fires pose to households, and how easily things can go wrong.

The design outcome following this manifests as an art directer photograph, using vintage stying to compliment the art style of the piece.

Category ········· Print
Completed ······ January 2021

Suffocating Safety

During the pandemic, we have seen growing frustration with measures put in place for our safety. Whilst they might be comforting to some, to others they feel oppressive, and suffocating.

This art directed series realises that visually for its audience.

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